Friday, August 17, 2012

New Business Sign - Avon or Other Biz

Got a new business? Great! Make sure you have a sign in your front yard. At first my husband was like, "NO WAY!" He didn't want a sign in the yard as he complained it was another thing to move when he mowed the lawn.

Well, I won. I have a sign in my front yard and I get phone calls for orders. Once I get an order I usually gain a new customer as well!

Summer time is especially great to get new customers. People are out walking their dog, riding their bikes with their kids, etc. I suspect autumn will be a good time to gain new Avon customers as well.

You can order signs from This is the cheapest place I have found as well as other Avon Reps. I know I've blogged about this site before but the wonderful business products offered as far as quality and price cannot be beat!

I just want to offer tips for your business to get the most for your money. After all, we are here to help our customers and make money for ourselves to help our beloved family.

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