Friday, March 13, 2009

Death Equity --by Kimberly Bridges

Imagine. Imagine going in for surgery thinking you are safe. You are having a simple surgery done so it should be a breeze. You think to yourself, surgery, a little rest and relaxation during recovery time, and back to your job and activities of daily living. Your spouse is calm, maybe a little concerned because after all, surgery is surgery. Your spouse tells themselves it will be fine.

You go in for surgery. You do not know it, but you do not survive. Your wife feels something funny is going on. A few employees inside the hospital feel something funny is going on. The two employees start to snoop around. The employees think they have uncovered something suspicious and one of them goes to their administrator boss. Is the administrator boss involved in a fishy scam? Is another very prominent man involved in the dicey happenings?

Death Equity by Kimberly Bridges is a spectacular read. Kimberly Bridges has a frightfully delicious mind that will peak every taste bud in your mind. You will keep feeding your mind her words but you will not be completely satisfied until you finish the book.

The suspense keeps you awake even into the early hours of morning. The teasing romance keeps you wondering what will happen next between the interesting couple. The thriller part of this book will keep you guessing what is going to happen next. Will you figure out what will happen in the next chapter? Only you will know if you read Death Equity.

I believe Death Equity is such a phenomenal book that it will soon become a thriller movie. With all of the suspense the book achieved I can only imagine how it will feel watching it as a movie.
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Written by Kelley