Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yardsellr: Helpful Selling & Buying Information

What is Yardsellr?
Yardsellr is a wonderful site to sell your items and buy items. You can find so many good things for a cheaper price than in stores. Yardsellr is just what it sounds like- a yard sale that is online versus your yard! In other words, think of it as a virtual yard sale. Once you list an item you want to sell, with the click of your mouse you can post your item automatically with the link to your Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages for exposure.

How Does Yardsellr Work?
You simply sign-up for Yardsellr through your Facebook page. It literally takes thirty seconds to sign-up for this fun site. Facebook is used to sign-up to Yardsellr so that your friends, family and those that love the same items as you do see your item(s) listed in their Facebook timelines. How amazing is that? What is even more amazing is that everything and anything you post to sell is free to do!

Listing an Item
It is FREE to sell on Yardsellr! If you take a peek at the link you will see you simply give your item a title, a price, post a photo or multiple photos, a description and shipping cost. Some folks choose to ship for free; it is your item and totally up to you!

Buying an Item
If you find yourself browsing through Yardsellr and see an item you cannot live without you simply click on the “Buy Now” button and it will become yours! You may choose to pay through PayPal or with a Visa card. You will have to pay a small fee to give Yardsellr their slice of the pie for advertising the item. How much of a fee you pay depends on how much the item costs. Before you actually purchase the item you can see how much the final total will cost with the shipping cost (if there is one) and added Yardsellr slice fee. If you want the item you will click “Buy Now.”

Adding More Exposure to Your Item to Sell
You may select the option "Boost" to pay $2 or more to add exposure to the item you want to sell. You can put this on your Visa card. When you pay a little cash to sell your item it will be listed on top of everyone else‘s items. This is wonderful as it will be one of the top items through everyone’s Facebook timelines. In order for people on Facebook to see your item they must join the specific Yardsellr Block. For example, if you love art you simply “like” the Art Block on Yardsellr. Other folks that like art have joined, too. These people are looking at art and for art to purchase. Your chances of selling your art item has greatly increased.

The cool thing about paying additional money to gain more exposure is that you will get Photons or free money to give to others. For each dollar spent to gain exposure you will get one Photon. Each Photon is worth .50 cents all of the way up to $50.00! You send people Photons and hope they buy from your Yardsellr page. You can send people Photons to help them afford to purchase your item. (It is advised to send Photons to buyers AFTER they purchase.) You can even let potential buyers know that if they first purchase from you, you will send them one, two, three or however many Photons you want directly to them. This is a phenomenal tool to gain more sales. It truly works!

Ease of Yardsellr
If you have ever had a yard sale or rummage sale you know it is a lot of work. With online selling it is so much easier. You do not have to sit in your garage or yard hoping someone stops by during your sale time. Your selling time online is 24/7! You will be notified by e-mail when you sell something. Simply check your e-mail at your convenience. Try to check your e-mail at least one time per day. Yardsellr likes you to ship your sold item within three days.

You will find unique items to normal everyday items on Yardsellr. Save yourself time, energy and money by having your own fun Yardsellr page online. Make money and save money now!

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